Getting the word out to residents in a four-county area became easier when Charlie MacIntyre introduced us to Bullfrog Outdoor Advertising. His quality billboards, situated where we needed them, have great locations and are easy to spot. We have worked with Charlie for 8 years and his professionalism, excellent customer service and timely placements have never wavered. I’m glad we chose this marketing strategy. I recommend Bullfrog Outdoor Advertising to everyone. - Pam DeCamp, Program Coordinator for the Northeast IN Solid Waste District. -
Pam DeCamp
With the vast array of options competing for a business marketing dollars and a consumer's attention, it is refreshing to find an advertising medium that cuts through the clutter, is cost effective and yields results. If that wasn't enough, the Bullfrog Outdoor team is at the top of its game, providing billboard locations with high traffic and a level of customer service that is difficult to find in any industry. -
Al Marshall, Locl.net
As Marketing Manager for Sturgis Hospital I interact with many companies and individuals—I wish all were as professional, pleasant and accommodating as Bullfrog. My account rep, Charlie MacIntyre, has consistently worked with me to develop locations and schedules that fit our changing needs and budget. The quality structures and locations of his billboards are excellent. What’s more he is always quick to follow-up on any requests I make. Truly, I couldn’t ask for better service and that just adds value to the already great product of outdoor advertising. -
Phyllis J. Youga, Marketing Manager, Sturgis Hospital